As vrea sa ma dau peste cap
Si sa ma transform in copil
Si sa ma mai dau o data
Si sa raman asa!

duminică, 2 noiembrie 2008

The white paper - Kahlil Gibran

Said a sheet of snow-white paper, "Pure was I created, and pure will I remain for ever. I would rather be burnt and turn to white ashes than suffer darkness to touch me or the unclean to come near me."

The ink-bottle heard what the paper was saying, and it laughed in its dark heart; but it never dared to approach her. And the multicoloured pencils heard her also, and they too never came near her.

And the snow-white sheet of paper did remain pure and chaste for ever - pure and chaste - and empty.

2 comentarii:

Andrei spunea...

Foarte tare!

Dragos spunea...

Foarte de acord cu Andrei!
N-o stiam :)))